Defined Benefits / Contribution Plans

Today and in to the future these types of benefit plan designs mush adapt to an increasingly complex business environment as well as a continuously changing regulatory atmosphere. F&B Consultants work with Plan sponsors to achieve their long-term objectives, while addressing the short-term pressures of government compliance.

Our professional staff includes three pension and health actuaries, an experience actuarial support team, consultant and an administrative services division. Actuarial concepts are complex, especially when combined with the level of regulatory oversight in the field of Defined Benefit & Contribution Plans. We assemble each client engagement team by evaluating the needs of each client and paring them with the appropriate skill set of our consultants.

Defined Benefit & Contribution Services:

  • ERISA valuations
  • Financial reporting under SFAS 87/88
  • Benefit Statements
  • Preparation of government filings
  • Plan design and consulting
  • Full administration services available

Defined Contribution Services:

  • Plan design studies & consulting
  • Vendor Benchmarking & RFP's
  • Employee enrollment & education
  • Daily Administration
  • Compliance Consulting & Testing
  • Government Filings