Retirement Planning

Preparing for the golden years may mean making several important decisions to help ensure that you will have enough money to live in retirement. The overwhelming possibilities can leave many people uncertain about where to start.

In an effort to provide the most comprehensive services possible to our clients, Fabian & Byrn utilizes the retirement planning expertise of Baypark Financial Group of Short Hills NJ. Representatives of Baypark Financial Group are available to assist our clients' members with developing a plan of action.

Defining Your Retirement

What is your vision? Will you continue to work, start a new business, or go back to school? Do you plan to relocate or downsize your home? Answers to these questions will define your financial plans.

Taking a Financial Inventory

You need a full accounting of your assets and all sources of income. We can help you understand how your retirement plans will provide income during retirement years. We also use software designed to calculate the pros and cons of waiting to collect social security.

Estimating Your Expenses

Your living expenses will change during your retirement years. People retiring today are facing unprecedented challenges. Not only do you have to fund a retirement that may last 20-30 years, you must protect yourself from the potentially devastating effects of medical and long term care expenses that can accompany today's longer life expectancy.

What To Do With Your Retirement Accounts

Your retirement account may be the largest asset you own. What to do with this asset at retirement is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. We can help explain what options are available and what is the best choice for you

  • Leave money with employer
  • Rollover within 60 days
  • Transfer directly to new plan

We can also help answer the question -- how do you use the money you've saved and turn it into an income that lasts the rest of your life.

Manage Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the most influential factor in the success of our investments. By completing a unique profile, we can help you choose suitable investments based on your risk tolerance and other variables determined. Then, we can ensure your portfolio remains current by continually reviewing and updating.

Planning for Beneficiaries

Creating a will, choosing guardians, selecting who will manage your estate and organizing your life insurance portfolio are all part of the planning that we can help you with.